Variety is our program

Single-point diamond dressers

Single-point dressers are even today still used as most simplest and cheapest, as well as universal dressing solution. The diamonds have several usable points, depending on their quality, which can be used by resetting the diamond. Of course, we offer an extensive repair service for your dressing tools.

Our recommendation:

  • With resetting in time you can achieve higher profitability
  • In order to avoid cracks, a constant cooling temperature is necessary throughout the entire dressing process.
  • After forming a surface, turn the diamond in time through 180°
  • Infeed per stroke 0,02 mm – 0,04 mm
  • Angle 5° – 15°
  • Profile dressing diamonds

Profile diamonds

The profile diamond is a precisley ground diamond in its holder for highest accuracy during profile dressing.

Multi-grain dressers

Diamond multi-grain dressing tools and dressing wheels are very robust tools with strong stability, also adequate for higher depth of cut. They are easy to handle and can be used completely without service.

Diamond dressing plates

Diamond dressing plates are outstandingly suitable for straight dressing as well as profiling. Their purchase price is considerably lower than the price for profile dressing diamonds. The tools can be used completely without service.

MCD- and CVD-Dressing tools

All MCD- and CVD-dressers have in common that during the whole tool life, the diamond cross section inside the tool does not vary which consequently leads to best consistency. The tools are prepared for the task by determining the number and size of the MCD or CVD diamond in an area of 0,4 mm x 0,4 mm to 1,0 mm x 1,0 mm with a useful length of 3-5 mm.

We supply  

Stationary diamond dressers:

  • Single-point dressers
  • Profile dressing diamonds, as natural diamond, MCD or CVD
  • Diamond multi-grain dressers and dressing wheels
  • Diamond dressing plates
  • MCD- and CVD-dressing tools