Electro plated grinding tools

When applying the electro plated bond, a single layer of superabrasives is encapsuled by a layer of nickel onto the wheel body. The abrasive grains protrude from the coating at approx. 30 % to max.50 % of their size. Electro plated diamond and CBN tools can reach very high removal volumes. In addition, they grind at low termperatures and are very suitable for profiles and contours that are not manufacturable or very difficult to manufacture with resin and metal bonds. Due to the fact that the grain loses its sharpness with time, the grip of the wheel and the workpiece surface finish is reduced.

Diamond and CBN grinding tools with electro plated are mostly manufactured on customer request.

We supply 
  • Diamond and CBN grinding tools with electro plated bond of ø 0,5 mm to ø 500 mm
  • Diamond and CBN grinding pins
  • Diamond files
  • Cutting discs
  • Cutting discs slotted / circular saws
  • Cuttung discs with penetrated rim beginning at a cutting width of 0,15 mm
  • Core drills beginning at Ø 0,9 mm