Applications for diamond and CBN grinding tools

Diamonds are primarily used to grind hard and short-chipping materials, such as hard metal, ceramics, glass, ferrites, semiconductor materials, graphite, abrasion resistant spray-on alloys and fibre composite materials.

When grinding hard-to-machine steels with a hardness of over 55 HRC, CBN does offer economic and technological advantages compared to other conventional grinding. Among the high alloy steels are included: HSS, hardened steels, ball bearing steels, spring steels as well as stellites, chrome-, nickel-, titanium and cobalt alloys.

CBN wheels feature considerably lower wear, which makes it easier to reach a high shape and dimension accuracy. Tools that have been grinded with CBN stand out due to the higher tool life and cause less damage to the surface integrity of the workpiece.

Diamond grinding tools  
  • hard metals, all types
  • hard metal steel combinations
  • ceramics
  • glass
  • silicon
  • graphite
  • cast iron, cast steel
  • fiber-reinforced plastics
  • PCD, PCB
  • precious stones and semi-precious stones
  • ferrites, ceramic magnetic materials, NE-heavy metals
  • weld-on and spray-on alloys
  • natural stones, artificial stones

CBN grinding tools

  • hardened steels, e.g. HSS, alloyed tool steels, …
  • stainless- and heat resistant steels (Cr-Ni-Mo-steels …)
  • special alloys
  • cast iron, cast steel
  • powder coatings on iron basis